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Lead With Love by Breathing and Responding

breathe lead with love Oct 30, 2017

Hi Everyone, I just returned from the Lead With LOVE event at the Aspen Institute, and I took home some incredible things from this once-in-a-lifetime kind of event that I want to share with you.

The take-home message for me is that it's high time to integrate some spiritual truths into our leadership if we want to change the trajectory on the planet for the better.

Gina Murdock, Founder of the Aspen City of Wellbeing and this Lead With Love event quoted Rod Stryker who reminded her that when we say 'the time is now', it's actually 'later than you think'....this hit me in the solar plexus! It's TIME, friends. Time to lead with love and integrate the truths we need to shift and heal our world. The truths that were validated and landed in a deeper way for me:

  1. Consciousness is oneness which is non-duality
  2. What we do to others we do to ourselves
  3. Anything we judge is seeing something we don't like inside of ourselves ~ it's a giant projection out here!
  4. Spirituality without consciousness and service to something larger is a selfish kind of practice that creates a temporary happiness instead of a deep healing
  5. Reacting happens out of fear, responding comes from presence and love. If that language is a stretch for you, consider what motivates you to respond well to any situation. 

These messages came through the Master Teachers, the incredible friends and faces at the conference, and the healing mind/body classes themselves. The intention was so crystal clear at this event, and I was deeply moved by the offering.

Breath is my favorite tool for managing my state of being. It rewires our brains from a reactive fight/flight pattern into a relaxed, responsive state. Deep, diaphragmatic breathing helps us manage the wake of reactivity that can come from modern life and stress. 

When we manage our nervous system we don't just feel better for ourselves, we also respond to life well making the world around us better. I believe everyone needs the breathing tools we use in our workshops for injured Veterans and First Responders to help us navigate these times with skill. Please enroll in our newsletter for upcoming training opportunities and courses.

Please also check out what the Aspen City of Wellbeing is up to and consider a generous donation to help them continue to Lead With LOVE so well.

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