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I'm Emily Hightower, and I created Ondalu to give you power over your health and well being. My background in yoga, real food nutrition, and outdoor guiding inform my belief that you have your own unique answers for how to best live your life and that when given the right tools you tap into those answers and shine.

My journey as a Mind Body Medic started on rivers in the early-90's. As a river guide, I learned how to facilitate groups and interpret the power of nature to people of all backgrounds. This grew into a position training guides to be naturalist educators around the country with the Headwaters Institute. When the rivers were dry, I was a mountain medic in Aspen each winter. I learned how to help people dealing with acute trauma, and became fascinated with anatomy and healing.

My first yoga mentor was an Iyengar and Somatic Movement expert, Paige Robinson who brought me the soul of this practice in my teens. I found Deborah Koehn of Yoga Adventure for my formal training in 2003. I worked closely with her to learn how to apply yoga's healing systems to people of all backgrounds. I continue to seek out master teachers to train and study with.

In my practice since, I've become a specialist in therapeutic and flow yoga, adaptive yoga, and pranayama breathwork coaching. 

In 2012 I pursued a degree from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and instantly saw how yoga could support healing food behavior issues. As a holistic nutrition coach, I've worked with people to heal addictive behavior and infuse yoga's philosophy and mat-practices to heal from within. Holistic nutrition and yoga each share an overall philosophy that you are unique, and that you part of a natural world that connects you to all of life. I love connecting the dots between yoga's light, our food, our communities, and the systems like wild rivers and healthy soils that keep the whole planet humming with life. Our health and wellness depend on returning to this wholeness mindset; something I am always working towards in my own life.

Ondalu fuses together nature, yoga, and food in creative ways that are all focused on empowering you to create a life of health and joy. You'll have to stay tuned through my newsletter to know what's going on when, because like a big giant river it is always changing, and fed by many streams of collaboration and inspiration.


PURPOSE:  To normalize holistic health and healing. To give people tools to make themselves well through connection to nature, real food practices, and yoga's 8-fold path to enlightenment. To raise collective consciousness that we may pass on a healthy planet and way of living for future generations, and to unite with other leaders in health and wellness to create synergy and integration.  

As dynamic organisms of life and energy, we are meant to thrive. Ondalu taps you into the light you have within, so you can ride it like an easy wave through life's myriad cycles and choices. 


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