Align and Shine Food Recovery Journal

Use simple journal prompts that awaken your inner guide and steer you toward balance, harmony and vitality. Old unwanted patterns drop away when we have clarity, purpose, and motivation. These powerful prompts, quotes, nutrition tidbits and yogic insights will light a fire in you to have a healthy relationship with food and life!

If you catch yourself eating when you're not hungry, sleeping poorly, dropping routines you thought would be good for you, then it's time to RE-ALIGN! Without force, diet, judgment or external pressure of any kind, this program opens you up and connects you to what you already have inside of you: the wisdom to choose what's best for YOU when you're connected to self love and light.

We behave without thinking all day long, and that's by design. Life happens fast, and we need to respond to it organically rather than through some diet or program, which usually leads to rebellion or reactive habits. 

When we have taken time to ALIGN with our connection to something greater, and to our values, we respond with good choices rather than react out of habit and survival. We can drop into FLOW with life, and naturally follow the course that resonates with our alignment to source and value. We shine from the inside out!

This 14 Day Course guides you into alignment with what you need to wake up and shine without force. 
Changes that you want to make will surface and be fueled by inspiration rather than desperation.

BONUS LIFESTYLE-OMETER PDF: If you've tried to keep a food journal before, you know that it creates accountability as you realize you'll have to record what you're up to. This accountability creates change without force from the outside. My bonus gift is a tried and true Habit Tracker that you can use to acknowledge patterns in your daily life. If it serves you, with a few minutes throughout the day you'll leave with a map of how your sleep, screen time, food choices, play and work all affect your life. 


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