Off the Mat Into the Kitchen Course

Heal your relationship with food and your body in a fun, deep, lasting way without dieting or force!

This course is designed with love with over 90 lessons you can do at your own pace with friends or with my coaching support. It's a step-by-step journey through yoga's lifestyle wisdom applied to my complete holistic nutrition course. 


Yoga’s lifestyle wisdom includes five Yama, or values, and five Niyama, or personal commitments, which we apply gently and powerfully to our food patterns.  Step by step with unique lesson plans you'll engage with yoga and holistic food to

  1. heal your body image and make peace with food
  2. learn what your body's real needs are and how to follow them
  3. create balance with food and life
  4. give back through what you choose on your plate
  5. detach from your past stories or expectations to live with presence and power
  6. do a guided nourishing cleanse without deprivation
  7. learn the art and science behind eating with pleasure
  8. create innate will power to stick to your practices
  9. study your dosha, blood type, metabolic type and more for personalizing eating
  10. surrender to a spiritual connection with food as life!



You'll receive lessons from me, Emily Hightower with guided meditations, holistic recipes, yoga's wisdom for food lectures with action steps to integrate them, plus a private group support page to make connections and learn together. BONUS material for each section abounds!

You'll have the course material forevermore to come back to or take at your own pace.

"Off the Mat and Into the Kitchen provides a fresh perspective on how to live in, nourish, and love our bodies through a renewed and realigned relationship with food. Emily's incredible knowledge, warmth, and down to earth presence was a welcome addition to my kitchen throughout the course. Her masterful blending of yoga philosophy and modern day living along with generous individual and group supports, recipes, guided practices and powerful resources make Off the Mat and Into the Kitchen an invaluable investment for any dedicated yogi or person wanting to improve their experience of food, body, heart and mind."

Cara Maiolo, Luminary Retreats



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